Landowner Relations

Our Landowner Relations Officer for the Club is Stuart Skinner

Land Owners Relations Update Day

The Next LAnd Owners Relations Day is scheduled for March 2020 in Great Missenden

The attendance is currently at maximum capacity

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Latest updates:

Please consult the BBAC database for comprehensive information on Sensitive Areas.


It has been requested that Aston Clinton park is treated as unsuitable for landing following some safety concerns.

Investigation ongoing.


Map 165: grid coordinates -  (square) 810007, 810015, 817015, 817007. This will be 1000' red - expensive mare/previous issues. This is hard to spot when flying from the pub so please mark your maps and beware.


New SA near Little Horwood. you should all receive BBAC database info in due course. meantime, make a note of the following grids with 1000' green (cattle sheds) farmer understands ballooning but really wants us to avoid the sheds which have cattle all year round.

Map 165:

(782, 292)


(798, 289)

(800, 294)

(794, 294)