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The 36th Annual Black Horse Ballooning Club

All Fools Meet On Line Registration



Balloon Entrant's 




            1) Downoad the "Pilots declaration" and the the "Balloon Entrants declaration" which need to be signed                                      and handed in when you sign in to the meet sometime on Friday 25th.









            2) Click on the Black Horse Balloon below and fill out  the Pilots Registration form on line.  You will be whisked away to the online registration page. Once you have filled out the online registration form and submitted it by clicking on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Click the Return To The All Fools Meet button at the top of the page. That will bring you back here where you can.......3)











            3) Click the blue button below and follow the instructions to pay online.


Once you have completed these three steps you are registered for the meet. You will need to bring with you all of your original documentation. Plus, Unless you are a member of The Thermal Group, a cheque for the Gas. Because of our agreement with the pub it is essential that we have visual confirmation of your current balloon insurance. So if you could bring a photocopy of that with you, it will be very much apprreciated. We look forward to seeing you in the club house on 25th March.

Click this icon to download All Three Registration Documents for the 2016 All Fools Meet

Click this arrow to download a copy of these instructions

Alternative registration instructions










  1. Download your registration pack which includes pilot registration, balloon registration and pilot declaration forms in one document from the link below.  Fill in the forms. Then either; 

    1. Scan all three completed and signed forms electronically and email them to or

    2. Post them to BHBC All Fools Meet C/O Peter Gray, 41 Clare Gardens, Barking, Essex, IG11 9JH. 

  2. If you are NOT already a member of the "Thermal Group" You will also need to post a signed check made out to "The Thermal Group"with the amount left blank cover the cost of your gas during the meet. To The same address.

  3. If you are applying on or before March 5th, click on the "Early Bird Registration" button below the racing car.

  4. If you are applying after March 5th Click on the "Standard Entry" button below the rocking horse icon. In either case the "Cart" button at the top of the page should indicate that you have one item in the cart.

  5. In order to complete your registration,

    1. Click on the yellow "Cart" button at the top of the page and follow the on line instructions to pay with Paypal or a credit card. Or

    2. Send a cheque for the right amount made out to "The Black Horse Ballooning Club" to BHBC All Fools Meet C/O Peter Gray, 41 Clare Gardens, Barking, Essex, IG11 9JH. 

  6. If you are a fully paid up member of the Black Horse Ballooning Club you will have been sent an email which contains a 14 digit discount code or "coupon". Enter the details of the coupon as you check out to get a £5.00 discount on the registration fee. 

  7. If you are a fully paid up member of the Black Horse Ballooning Club and you are paying by cheque, you can deduct £5.00 from your registration fee making the cheque £10.00 for early bird club members and £15.00 for the late comers from the club

Click this icon to download the Pilot Registration form for the 2016 All Fools Meet

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