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How to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved. 


  • Ballooning teams sometimes could do with a little extra help. So check below in the help wanted section where private  and commmercial balloon teams needing help have posted their details


  • You can come along to the pub early in the evening. Balloons fly while the weather is calm and typically that happens very early in the day before the sun has started heating up the ground or later on in the day as the heat of the sun is reduced and the convection currents it creats have clamed down. We like to have landed about 40 minutes before sunset so we tend to fly for an hour or so which means that if you come up to the pub two or three hours before sunset on a pleasant evening you may see the balloon teams getting ready to fly from the pub.


  • You can come along to the pub on the third Thursday of the month when we have our club night, and informal get together. Then you can speak to the balloonists and find out more. or you can let us know you are interested through the contact us page of this web site and we can keep you informed of events coming up.


  • Or you can click on the link below and contact the club directly to find out more.


Balloonists looking for crew looking for crew

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